Rate Plans

Choosing the best electricity rates and plansVariable rate plans that you will see with most electricity company plans are risky but can be managed when using hedging and energy consulting advice.

Variable electricity rate plans are commonly available for both commercial, industrial, and residential energy consumers and often look appealing because of their low price compared to fixed rate plans.

Fixed electricity plans are basically energy that has been bought ahead of time and hedged in the futures market. These fixed electric prices are higher than a variable rate plan because it costs to buy and hedge energy out into the future.

Typically a fixed electricity rate will almost always be higher than a variable price or shorter term rate because the trend in energy is up over the long term.

Electricity Company Prices

There are occasions when a long term price will be cheaper than a short term price but this usually doesn’t last too long.

Our comparison chart compares both fixed and variable electricity company rate plans. An energy consultant can assist in explaining the rates in our residential electricity comparison chart.

For commercial and industrial customers we can facilitate a reverse auction process to work down rates in both the fixed rate and variable rate class.

We then put these rates from multiple electric providers in a detailed proposal showing the savings available.

As you can see our commercial electricity rate comparisons involve a more in depth reverse auction process. Our residential electric rate comparison is available immediately by using the zip code tool on the top right of this page.

To get started learning more about electricity companies available in your area or to order electric service online type in your zip code and click on “Compare”

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