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  1. linda powell says:

    I thought this would be an easy way to rate Respond Power and talk to other Respond Power customers. This is where Respond Powers website sends you if you need information. As far as I can see this is nothing more than a place for competeing electric companies to advertise and talk up there Utility Services. This absolutly no help to consumers with actual questions or problems.
    All you people changing your electric suppliers beware. If you have to go through one supplier to get a better rate from another and you have any kind of past due balance your service can be turned off if you dont pay the past due balance in full.

    • admin says:

      I am not sure why they sent you to this site. This site allows all opinions so yes you could post negative feedback or positive on any provider you wish. I went to Respond Power’s website today and it looks like they only sell electricity in Pennsylvania at this time. Regarding past due balances, yes you can get your power turned off if you owe a past due balance with a different provider.

      There is an exception to this rule though. If you dispute the balance due with the Public Utility Commission in your state in most states you are only required to pay the undisputed charges. In a situation like this so long as you are in the right you should be able to move on to a new provider and not have to worry about your power being shutoff.

  2. Robert E. Corbett says:

    I was duped into providing my utility account number to an unsolicited phone sales call and later learned that I had inadvertently signed on with Respond Power . Over the past four months, my utility rate has increased from about 10 cents per KWH to .3999 cents per KWH I am on a fixed income with a disabled wife and can ill afford to pay an $800.00 electric bill. I called the Pa. Public utility Comm. and was told that I must talk with Respond Power before they will accept my call. When I called Respond Power The recorded message informed me that due to the high volume of calls, the wait would be in excess of thirty minutes. That leads me to believe that there is no help to be had and the Public Utility Comm. would rather let these bogus companies continue to scam the public than to curtail their activities.

    • admin says:

      Robert, thank you for warning other people about your experience with this company. We recommend everyone who visits this site look at real world comments from people who have used and experienced the electric company you may be thinking about using. It definitely helps to see comments like these before making up your mind on which electric provider to use.

  3. Barbara Ricard Landix says:

    I think about leaseing an apartment at the New St George Apts on Georgis ave in wheaton. How do Testimate the costs of utilities

    • admin says:

      I would call Commonwealth Edison and ask them to provide you with estimated monthly electricity service kilowatt hour usage for this address. They should be able to give this information to you or give you a form to fill out to request this information. You may have to have the apartment landlord or manager fill the form out and send it in to get this data if they will not give it to you.

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