Connecticut Electricity Company

CT Light and Power CompanyTwo of the largest electricity companies in Connecticut are Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating Company. These old school monopoly electric utilities atone time were an energy consumers only choice but now that CT is deregulated there are quite a few alternate electric providers to consider.

Around 15 % of all residential and commercial electricity service customers have given CT electricity deregulation a whirl by choosing a competing electricity company. The reason energy consumers decided to switch is simple, they wanted to save money on their electric bill.

For commercial and industrial customers in Connecticut we make the process of comparing electricity companies easy. Our reverse auction process sends out your historical or estimated electricity usage and multiple electric suppliers bid on your account.

We can then send over a detailed electricity company proposal showing you the winning bids from several Connecticut electricity companies that want your business.

The CT electricity rates are put side by side in an apples to apples comparison showing a comparison that bundles in all fees and charges and compares similar rate plans against each other.

Our energy consultants would be happy to explain our process in more detail. Please call us at 1-800-971-4020.

Connecticut hs authored consumer protection legislation to make sure that when switching to an alternate electricity company you are not scammed in the process. Please read below some of the rights you have as a customer.

Connecticut electricity service protections for consumers in the electric supplier market:

  • Suppliers must provide customers a written contract specifying electric rates and the right to cancel the contract within 3 days
  • All electric supplier sales personnel must:
  • Pass a background check, identify themselves, and wear a photo ID
  • Go door to door only between 10 AM and 6 PM
  • Explain all rates, fees, variable charges, terms and conditions
  • Not engage in deceptive acts or practices

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