California Electricity Company

ca electric choice direct accessWhen looking into alternate electricity companies in California it isn’t as easy as other states like Texas and Pennsylvania that are deregulated.

California is phasing their deregulation very slowly and with several limitations. If you are moving into a new business location in California you very well may have a choice.

The state of CA is allowing new businesses and those relocating to a new facility to shop for electric companies among competing electricity suppliers.

Unfortunately there is a cap in place so that once so many businesses in California have switched from the monopoly electric company to a competing electricity supplier they will stop further switches.

The reason there is a cap in place is simply so that the state can make sure they can handle the transition to electricity deregulation easy and without issue.

As many know California has been through an electricity crisis once before with the whole Enron market manipulation issue and they want to make sure that never happens again.

The name for electricity deregulation in California is called Direct Access. If you are a commercial or industrial business in California and would like to choose a competing electricity company we can help.

Please call us to be entered into our reverse auction process. We will have several electricity companies in California bid on your account.

As well you may qualify for California’s Direct response program to curtail electricity demand at your facility and be paid for doing so during peak times in the year.

Usually this can be automated and you can use backup generator power for the few minutes that you shut down.

Once all CA electricity rates are in we will put together an energy proposal showing how much money you can save by switching electric companies.

Please call us at 1-800-971-4020 to learn more.

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