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Viridian Energy is an electric generation supplier that has been serving customers since 2009. A new company to the generation market, its puts its best foot forward by working extra hard to keep their customers happy. The mission of this electric provider is to give customers greener electricity without the high prices. Viridian Energy stands behind their commitment to the following core values:

  • Reliability –  promises to provide reliable service and quality customer service.
  • Integrity –  operates with high standards of ethics in their business practices and in environmental protection.
  • Customer Focus –  promises to help customers with any issues and treat customers with respect and professionalism.
  • Environmental Sustainability –  believes in greener electricity and strives to promote this concept.
  • Empowerment –  encourages their associates to improve their lives and influence the environment.

Viridian Energy gives their customers greener electricity at rates customers can afford. In keeping with their value of environmental sustainability, Viridian Energy understands the impact of electricity generation on the environment and does their part to minimize their impact. The electric company not only adheres to federal regulations, they do their best to exceed the minimum standards. It backs up their energy with a minimum of 20% renewable sources, providing cleaner and greener electricity to their customers.

Customers that sign up with Viridian Energy can enjoy monthly savings and incentive programs. For instance, new customers often receive a percentage savings on their first bill for switching. Any one that wants to do their part for the environment while still fulfilling their need for electricity can do both with this company.


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