UGI Energy | Electricity Supplier

UGI Energy Services is an electric generation supplier was incorporated in 1995 under their parent company, UGI corporation. UGI Energy services provide electrical service to over 60,000 customers in Pennsylvania. The company strives to provide customers with competitive rates on electrical service and high-quality electrical service. Add into that the quality customer care provided by it and customers get the total package.

UGI Energy supports the effort to “go green” in the world by committing themselves to providing clean energy along with reliable power. In support of their effort to “go green”, The company participates in various ways to improve greener energy efforts. Some of these efforts include landfill gas recovery, reduced-emission coal, a repowering station, and a solar powering station. This electric supplier is committed to finding renewable energy sources and providing them to customers at affordable rates.

UGI Energy has a helpful website that contains much of the information customers need to make their switching choice. Potential customers can apply for switching through the website or contact a representative to help them. Current customers can log into their account and view various information from the comfort of home.

UGI Energy is committed to satisfying their customers with dependable service at lower rates. Customers appreciate this effort and this is why the energy provider continues to grow in the number of customers it serves. No matter how large the company gets, it will always seek to put the needs of the customer first and continue to provide quality service and support.


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