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Public Power LLC is an electric generation supplier serving customers in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts since 2008. The company strives to provide the highest level of customer service and support in the energy business. They believe in the power of choice that customers have and they work hard to ensure that customers choose them as their supplier.

Public Power LLC has a website that makes switching suppliers easy. Customers can choose their state and follow the steps to make the switch. Customers can also read about the benefits of deregulation and the benefits of choosing and electric provider. Public Power wants to make its customers happy by providing safe and reliable service at rates that are made for the public – affordable rates. In this tough economy, every penny saved is appreciated.

REPs provides unique incentive programs to encourage customers to sign up. These incentives include virtual dollars deposited into Public Power rewards accounts. These dollars can be used to take advantage of the products and savings opportunities offered by the company. Public Power wants new customers and they want to keep their customers loyal. Incentive programs like these make it possible for customers to remain happy, satisfied customers.

Customers of the company can contact customer service representatives with any questions or concerns pertaining to their electric service. Representatives provide professional, courteous support to all of their customers. The customer is the public and has the power.

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5 comments on “Public Power LLC | Electricity Companies
  1. Anna Carey says:

    Do I have a contract with you?

  2. dave marcelynas says:

    First off I would like to know how I signed up with your company ?? Secondly, I want a valid reason why I have to pay almost a $150.00 more than what I paid last year for using the same amount of electricity? If its political tell me , because I was never notified of this kind of outrageous increases in my electric bill. Don’t worry as you will be paid , but I will definitely make sure the proper news agencies get this story , if I don’t receive a valid reason , in the near future ???

    • admin says:

      Dave, we do not represent Public Power and do not recommend them either. We simply wrote an article about this company in which you commented on.

  3. Paul Babarik says:

    Public power is charging us almost double the CL&P rate. What a rip off. I am canceling their service immediately. This should be illegal.

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