Metropolitan Edison Company

power linesMetropolitan Edison Company, commonly known as Met-Ed, is an electric distribution company that has been operating since 1922. Met-Ed is one of seven companies operating under First Energy Corp. First Energy is the fifth largest investor-owned electric company in the United States. Between Met-Ed and the six other distribution companies, over 4.5 million customers have electrical service.

Met-Ed provides service in Pennsylvania. The First Energy website has a specific area dedicated to Met-Ed and the other distribution companies. Here, customers can log into their Met-Ed accounts, arrange for connections and find contact information. The website also provides many valuable links to useful safety information. Information on energy conservation is also provided because Met-Ed and First Energy value customer safety and energy conservation.

Met-Ed, operating under the guiding hand of First Energy, focuses on providing reliable electrical service to customers at low rates. First Energy has one goal – to become a leading regional provider – and each one of its distribution companies, including Met-Ed, are crucial to meeting this goal. Using the latest developments in technology, First Energy, along with Met-Ed, is pushing forward to give customers the best electrical service possible.

Never forgetting the importance of energy conservation, customers are educated and encouraged to reduce energy consumption while the actual production of electricity falls well within environmental protection guidelines. First Energy, Met-Ed and the other distribution companies work hand-in-hand to offer the highest level of customer service and support, safe and reliable service, and ever-improving technology to keep the electricity flowing.

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