Liberty Electricity Company

liberty power Liberty Power Corp. is an electric generation supplier with a strong motto: ” To provide the maximum level of service at the minimum cost.” With that kind of motto, it is no wonder that its’ one of the fastest growing independent energy retailers in the country. Liberty Power prides itself on quality customer service and affordable electricity. Customers of Liberty Power benefit from the pride the company takes in being a supplier of electricity.

With low rates keeping the company on the same level as larger suppliers, customers that turn to Liberty Power do so because they want the personal touch that comes with their customer support. The company has seven, key corporate values:

  • Trust – earns and maintains the trust of all of their business relationships.
  • Respect- treats all customers and employees with the utmost respect and professionalism.
  • Diversity – gains strength from diversity of its employees and customers.
  • Teamwork – believes in working as a team to achieve common goals.
  • Integrity – imposes the highest ethical and professional standards on itself and staff.
  • Accountability – makes promises and delivers in a timely manner every time.
  • Creating Value – seeks to provide customers with the best value in all of their services.

The values of Liberty Power keep this smaller, independent supplier growing and succeeding in the world of electric supply. As long as customers continue to have a need, it will continue to fulfill that need to the best of their abilities.

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