Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania

The Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania is an electric generation supplier that was founded in 1979. The Energy Cooperative has a clear mission to provide their members with energy cost savings, to promote using renewable energy and using energy efficiently, and to support cooperative issues.

An interesting fact about the Energy Cooperative is that they provide EcoChoice Electricity to their customers. EcoChoice electricity is a program that serves customers with renewable electricity. Rather than burning fossil fuels to create the electricity, the EcoChoice plan creates electricity from wind, solar, and hydroelectric sources. This type of greener electricity is better for the environment, supporting their mission to promote renewable energy.

The rates for their renewable electricity are affordable. The rates are fixed and the company strives to pass the savings on to their customers. Since the company is owned by members, customers know that their money is going toward things that will benefit the entire cooperative, including themselves. With a small staff, customers get the kind of personal touch that can be lost when dealing with larger suppliers.

PA electricity coopThe Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania has an informative website that is easy to navigate. Here, customers and potential customers can educate themselves on the benefits of choosing the  for their electric supply. The company is a reputable supplier that provides greener electricity that is not only affordable but also reliable. Thousands of satisfied members of the cooperative attest to the high level of service provided by the Energy Cooperative and their friendly staff.


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