Confused about your electric rate?

Some typical issues that cause confusion about an electric rate are found below. Typically after a term agreement for a rate has expired the price switches to a variable price that changes month to month.

You may have signed up on a fixed price but when receiving your first bill you are immediately left feeling like the provider has scammed you into something not at all promised in their advertising.

We help with this type of problem and more. Please leave a comment below with your specific issue and we would be glad to help you out.

Common electric rate issues:

  • Fixed price is not really fixed after fuel surcharge increases because of rising energy costs tied to the cost of natural gas.
  • Fixed price switches to a variable price after contract expires.
  • Fixed price changes based on the date the meter is read rather than being locked in at time the customer calls to change providers.
  • Variable price is advertised as a much cheaper price compared o competition only to rise within the first month to be even more expensive than the competition you switched from.
  • You were advertised a competitive price but the price ended up being more expensive than who you were with previously.
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