Question about your electricity company?

Please comment below and let us know what your question is. One of our energy consultants will research the issue if necessary and comment with an answer.

Common issues are usually about confusion after signing up for an electric rate and then being billed differently than what was promised in the electric rate advertisement.

We handle researching these types of problems on a frequent basis so feel confident in leaving us your related problem as we probably have a good answer for you.

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3 comments on “Question about your electricity company?
  1. bud says:

    I moved into a house a few months ago and i left the electric in my landlords name.Recently the electric was turned off because of a 1200 a month budget installment. I would pay the electric charges for the month and she would put a little extra to it to pay off her back balance. It didn’t cover the full 1200 so they shut it down until she comes up with 3000. I’ve tried to get it in my name but thehy won’t allow even though i have a lease. I can’t afford to move and am sitting with no electricity. I have kids and need to do something fast. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to get service in my name.Thanks HW

    • admin says:

      Try calling a no deposit, no credit check provider. They might be able to get you around this issue: 1-888-620-3823

  2. Robert E. Corbett says:

    Some months ago, I received an unsolicited call stating that they could lower my electric rate. I told the caller that I had signed with an alternate supplier and was happy with the service. They asked for my utility account number so they could check for a cheaper rate. I stupidly gave my account number and later found that my supplier was changed to Respond Power. Initially, the rate was competitive, but the most recent months the rate increased to over $.10 to $.19 cents per KWH to the latest bill at .34990 cents per KWH. My bill for the month was $775.91. I complained to the supplier, Response Power of Orangeburg, N.Y. and was offered a check for $90.00 with a follow up check in 3 months if I remained as a customer of Respond Power. I also lodged a complaint with the Pa. Public Utility Comm. and Phila. Electric Co..
    I have since changed my supplier but the change will not take effect until April 25, 2014.

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