I changed Pennsylvania Electricity Companies and was not charged the quoted rate

Power LinesA very common problem in deregulated electricity utility markets is to be quoted the wrong electric rate by the Pennsylvania electricity salesmen. You get your first electric bill in the mail and it shows the total charges and even averages out the price of the electric rate in a per KWH rate.

What you will notice and what many people notice is the rate is not the same price compared to what the sales guy told you on the phone, behind a kiosk, TV, radio, or after knocking on your door.

Let me go ahead and warn you now, if you have someone knocking on your door to sell you electric service don’t do it. Wait and study the documentation they gave you and compare the price, terms of service, and energy contract with one of the established electric companies in PA.

What many Pennsylvania electric companies know they can get away with is to offer a variable teaser type of electric rate or a fixed rate that does not include all of the charges.

You think you will be paying much less but with a variable price they can jack that rate up on you after the first month regardless of the promises they made to you.

There is one electric company in PA that several hundred people have complained about in comments all over the web that promised savings over the incumbent electric provider in the area.

Home owners switched to this supposedly cheaper electric company based on the promise that the rate would be cheaper than the electric supplier in Pennsylvania they have been using for years.

What ended up happening is this electric company has been raising that price the same month or one month after sign up to a much higher electricity price compared with the company they switched away from.

When choosing a Pennsylvania electricity supplier make sure the company is a good solid electric company that does not have a history of bad reviews, customer dissatisfaction, and tricks throughout their energy agreement.

Our PA electric rate chart is a straight forward chart put together daily by a group of energy consultants. Our goal is to educate you as to which electric company in PA can give you the best deal. We are not trying to promote a gimmick of some kind as we are in the customer education business.

After reviewing the PA electric rates in our comparison chart you may call us to learn more or continue and order your electricity service online.

Not all Pennsylvania electricity companies are scams but there are some out there and we want to help you avoid signing up with them.

If you would like to compare electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania please use the compare chart at the top of this page. We offer green choices, fixed, and variable electric rate plans. We recommend going with a fixed plan so you are guaranteed the same rate month after month until your contract expires. Green energy options are many times a virtual credit as even when choosing a green electricity plan if your location only has coal fired power that is what you will get although a renewable energy credit will have been purchased by the provider to offset the dirty energy.


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