Greenpeace and their take on the IT sectors electricity usage

gpGreenpeace recently came out with a study that focused on the IT sector and how they use electricity.

The question just how dirty the world has become because of data. The study gets real critical of some very popular companies like Facebook.

They claim that Facebook uses quite a bit of what is referred to as dirty energy. Any type of fossil fuel created energy is known as dirty energy and so coal fired power and natural gas power would be a couple of these power sources.

Windmills kill quite a lot of birds and destroy the look of the environment and so I assume Greenpeace likely has wind power in this dirty energy category as well.

Data Centers are the culprit behind this dirty energy usage as they house the servers, routers, repeaters, UPS power backup supplies, etc. that are extremely power hungry.

Data centers do not divulge how much their data centers use in energy as they consider it a part of the competitive edge they have based on how they save energy.

For every dollar saved in energy usage a data center can make a whole lot more money as this goes straight to the bottom line in such a heavy energy usage type business model.

Facebook uses about 53.2 percent coal fired power in electricity usage according to Greenpeace. Google plans to buy a 100.8 megawatts of wind power from NextEra Energy but this is only a plan at this stage of the game as the wind power facilities have not even been built yet.

As for priorities green energy utilization is not expected to be in the top 20 % of IT sector company priorities in the next decade as there are too many more important things to look at before this issue is satisfactorily dealt with to Greenpeace’s expectations.

In Texas most energy providers offer a green energy choice that allows commercial businesses or residential home owners to purchase renewable energy.

The two big electric providers, TXU Energy, and Reliant Energy both offer renewable energy plans as well as have renewable generation capabilities through affiliated companies.


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