What Makes a Good Electric Company?

The easy way to determine if you have chosen a good electric company is to check your first months electric bill and see if it averages out to be the same electric rate that they advertised to you.

Many times what you will find is that after averaging in all the fees and charges your electric rate looks much different than what they promised you.

Unfortunately many retail electric providers do not self police their own company and the industry as a whole doesn’t either. What happens is that these sneaky little advertising tactics that show one rate in the advertising and a different one on the bill go on for a few years until the state governments in act rules and regulations to protect the consumer.

The right thing to do is to have the private retail organizations that govern retail electric providers self police their industry at the outset.

Rather than getting tricked into an electric rate from a fly by night electric provider it is better to go with an energy consulting company who has gone through the contracts already.

Even though the industry may not do a good job in protecting the consumer from these types of scams an energy consulting company knows how to look through a contract and find the most common price raising tactics.

What you will see is that the really good electric companies find a way to differentiate their business from the others.

They will make their brand memorable and unique and build customers by the benefits their brand offers over others without resorting to sneaky price raising tactics.

In summary, be careful with the potential for a bad electric company to increase your rate dramatically. You will usually find out after 30 – 45 days of electricity usage which means your last bill prior to leaving the provider will be where they make a majority of their profit off of you.


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