Texas Electricity

Some of the biggest electricity companies in Texas are TXU Energy and Reliant Energy. In many ways TXU and Reliant are the masters of the retail electric providers. These two companies have been around for over 100 years or more as they are the original monopoly electric utilities in Texas.

It is true that both companies have gone through significant ownership changes and break ups and have little do with their original company culture and methods as they once had.

TXU and Reliant now sell electricity retail and move around aggressively in each others territories. You can often times find Reliant Energy sales teams walking through neighborhoods in North Texas asking TXU customers if they would like to save money on their electric bill by choosing Reliant Energy instead.

TXU Energy does some of the same marketing methods as Reliant Energy by having feet on the street sales people in the Houston area asking long time Reliant Energy customers to switch away to their electricity company.

Texas electricity customers will do well by choosing either company provided they are offering a competitive electricity rate.

We recommend comparing Reliant Energy’s and TXU’s electric rates with other retail electric companies selling service in your area.

You can use the Texas electricity comparison chart we have listed on this site to start comparing alternative electric supplier rates in Texas. To begin comparing against TXU and Reliant you will need to type in your zip code and click on “Compare”.


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