Delmarva “Your Life Plugged In”

Delmarva ElectricDelmarva puts the customer first in its statement of “Your life. Plugged in.”  As a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Delmarva delivers to 498,000 in Delaware and the East coast of Maryland. Delmarva puts a high standard on the customer, community, and its employees who give time to bettering the future of others. They regard being a good corporate citizen as a grand achievement.

Before deregulation took place, Delmarvas rates were essentially “hog-tied” by regulatory commission. Now, Delmarva is set to pass on competitive rates. For those who have yet to find a different supplier, Delmarva can be both your utility and energy service supplier. There will be no need for any change as Delmarva is already equipped to both facilitate and purchase electricity.

Delmarva offers the following info to adequately inform potential customers:

  • Standard offer service
  • RGGI Credit
  • SOS Pricing Info
  • Rate Schedules
  • Tariffs
  • Distribution

Listed below are the services that Delmarva offers:

  • Start or stop service
  • Update your account information
  • Read your meter
  • Report outage
  • Check that status of an outage
  • Special assistance
  • Interconnection standards for generators

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