CQI Associates Prices in Maryland

CQI Associates are a unique company with a unique option to electrical energy services. Since 2003 they have been the industry leader in electricity purchasing cooperatives. CQI Associates developed the idea of energy purchasing cooperatives from the general idea of a chamber of commerce. A chamber of commerce is established to bring together several businesses to accomplish what one business cannot do. Going with this same concept CQI Associates brings together chamber of commerce members together in order to purchase electricity at a better rate than a single entity, or customer, could. Since 2003 CQI Associates has partnered with 20 chambers in 3 states which represent thousands of commercial customers.  CQI Associates has 3 main goals:

  • CQI Associates wants to provide education to residential customers who are in the midst of deregulation to better understand the rules and regulations of energy deregulation
  • CQI Associates want to help customers have an easy transition into this deregulation era
  • CQI Associates wants to help create competition


CQI Associates current prices are:

12 month             5% wind power                 $0.9

12 month             50% wind power              $0.99

24 month             50% wind power              $0.104

12 month             100% wind power            $0.110

24 month             100% wind power            $0.116

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