Ambit Energy Electric Company and Growing Fast

Ambit Energy is a fast growing electric company primarily because the risk associated with growing out an electric company is leveraged in the power of a direct sales force that only gets paid once electric service customers go active.

The multi-level marketing business model does not always work out as many fail but in Ambit Energy’s case they were number 2 on the scene after a close competitor by the name of Ignite Energy.

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Ambit Energy has a very close compensation plan to that of Ignite Energy which attracted a lot of recruits away from Ignite who grew to have over 500,000 electric service customers.

Ambit Energy has the added bonus of allowing their electricity reps the opportunity to market on the Internet while Ignite Energy forbids this behavior.

Ambit Energy Electric Company has gone through several growth phases with an obvious success sign after buying a large traditional electric company in Texas by the name of Commerce Energy.

Once Commerce Energy was bought by Ambit you began seeing more fixed electric rate plans and other choices in rate plans that were not offered before.

Ambit probably added more risk management experience to their pricing desk which has allowed them to price their products right without over leveraging their themselves to the exposure of the energy market.

Many electric companies get in over their head by buying too much power at too high of a price and then making up for their bad power purchasing by playing the market without hedging.

Ambit Energy Electric Company keeps their pricing competitive while maintaining a close watch on how they price, hedging what energy they have bought and allowing a direct sales force to take on the risk involved in marketing and advertising.

By eliminating the marketing costs associated with attracting new electric service customers Ambit only has to worry about electricity pricing, legal, contract agreement, and power purchasing risks.

Although Ambit Energy Electric Company is a multi-level marketing company they also sell direct and have a traditional electric company they have swallowed up. With the combined years of experience and knowledge of Commerce Energy and Ambit, procuring energy through a family member or directly with Ambit Energy is a safe smart choice in all the markets Ambit operates in (Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania).

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