Light Companies in New Jersey

New Jersey offers electric choice but finding choices that are not related to price of electricity is not as easy. For instance some people may find a good price on New Jersey electricity service but no light companies in New Jersey that do not ask for a deposit.

A high electric deposit amount turns many customers away because chances are they just paid $500 or more as s deposit to move in some where.

To find New Jersey electric choices where deposits are waived or never asked for, the best place to start is with a prepaid or no deposit required electric company.

Most light companies in New Jersey do not advertise the fact that they do not ask for a deposit because they don’t want a bunch of bad credit customers that will default on their bill the first signing up with them.

If you choose a prepaid electric company in New Jersey they will allow you to sign up with no deposit required. These types of light companies are also referred to as pay as you go and prepay electric companies.

If you would like to sign up with a prepaid electric company there should be some deals in your local paper or classified ad and maybe even some promotions on the Internet.

For commercial companies in New Jersey you can use our compare chart at the top right of this page. Just enter in your zip code to get started and choose “commercial”

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