Citizens Utility Board comparison

Citizens Utility Board Illinois

What is the Citizens Utility Board and Comparison?

The Illinois General Assembly created CUB in 1983 making it a non-profit and nonpartisan organization with their objective being to represent the interests of residential Illinois electric and gas utility customers across the state.

The statute allows the CUB to intervene in electricity rate making legislation and rulings before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) courts and public quarums.

The  Citizens Utility Board then offers the changes and information they have made or received regarding Illinois electricity rates and companies to Illinois electric rate payers.

The claim is that since 1983 over $10 billion dollars has been saved by the CUB blocking rate hikes and assisting in getting electric and gas customers refunds.

Now the Citizens Utility Board puts out a comparison of electric rates for Illinois electric rate consumers to see a clear apples to apples comparison.

Some of the alternate residential electricity companies in the Com-Ed electric utility area are: BlueStar, Champion, Constellation, Direct and Spark.

If you choose an alternate electriciy provider in Illinois you will see charges from this provider under the heading on your bill labeled: “Electricity Supply Services”

The Com-Ed portion of your electric bill will say “Delivery Services.”

Although you can lock in and have a fixed electricity rate price with companies like BlueStar and rest confident in price assurity Com-Ed can still raise their portion of the price.

Com-Ed only handles the poles and wires charges aspect on your bill once you switch to a competing Illinois electricity company and that is why you see the seperation on your bill showing both  “Electricity Supply Services” and “Delivery Services.”

Citizens Utility Board in Illinois continues to give detailed descriptions on each alternate electric supplier in Illinois competing with Com-Ed as well as fight for consumers by blocking rate hike requests by Com-Ed.

We have pointed out BlueStar Energy as a potential choice when picking a residential electric company in Illinois but Champion Energy and Spark Energy are also very good choices compared against Com-Ed.

If you would like to get information in comparing commercial electric rates in Illinois and using a reverse auction to lower the price please call usat 1-800-971-4020.

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2 comments on “Citizens Utility Board comparison
  1. Patricia B.Scott-Casey says:

    I need some help in contacing a living person at Com ed – I am sure you have heard this before but I do live alone except for 2 dogs, I have lived in this house for over 20 years, I have the same light timers, the same lights, the same appliances for over 10 years but in Dec. 2010, my electric usage went from about 450 to 984. Since I work all day and no one is home, I cannot fathom how this is happening. even in the summer when I have 4 ceiling fans and 2 box fans for the dogs ( I do not have a/c), my usage is only around 500. I do not know how many lights you would have to have on to use that much electicity, but I think with that many lights burning for so few hours, my house would burn down. Can I get a new meter? Or is there someway to check this. If nothing has changed in this house for so many years, I just do not think it is possible for this to happen. Now my bills is about $100.00 and I can’t afford to pay this. if you have a phone number or some how to contact a real person at com ed, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Janie Johnson says:

    The best day and time to contact Com Ed, and actually speak with a representative, is mid-week (Wed.), between 8:00am and 9:00am. This has worked for me on two separate occasions, and the “live” person on the other end proved to be very pleasant, and efficient. The 1-800-334-7661 number is the one to call, but you have to follow the prompts and be patient, as it may take a little time before your call is taken. Good luck!!

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