Norristown PA Electricity Rates

As Norristown PA electricity company consumers decide what they will do regarding electric choice one option continually proves to be popular and that is the 12 month fixed electric rate.

While some electricity companies come into Norristown PA only to deceptively portray their electric rates as low through tricky little variable teaser rates other energy companies put out straight forward fixed electric rate offers.

A variable electricity price that is lower than all other fixed electric rates is always going to be an offer that is just too sweet to be real.

As a risk averse Norristown Pennsylvania electricity consumer the important aspect of the shopping process is to not fall for these type of teaser offers.

The 12 month fixed electric rate gives you price assurance and the ability to try out an electric provider for a year and see if they deliver on their promises.

Not all Norristown electricity companies deliver on what they promise in their ads and when this happens there is an easy way to receive recourse.

By calling and complaining to the PA Public Utility Commission you can give your complaint regarding inaccurate billing or false advertising and the Norristown PA electricity company must follow up with the customer.

This PUC call is your quickest way to get justice and choose a better more ethically run electric company.

If you like the sound of some of our tips and how to stay out of trouble while being bombarded by all of these electric choices in PA then we think you will also like our residential electricity comparison chart for PA customers.

Just type in your zip code at the top right and click on “Compare”

A list of recommended, stable, reputable Norristown PA electricity companies will appear with corresponding electric rate plans.

We recommend choosing a fixed rate to avoid the trouble associated with first month teaser variable prices.

The fixed electric rate simply gives you what you see while there are no guarantees after the first month as to what a variable price may do.

If you have more questions about our electricity rates or would like to enter into our reverse auction or aggregation for commercial businesses in Norristown PA then please call us at 1-800-971-4020

Tip of the day for Norristown Pennsylvania electricity consumers

Don’t ever choose a fixed rate that has a fuel commodity surcharge. This type of rate will have the surcharge in the finer details of the contract. This is nothing more than a variable price and should not even be called a fixed price. There is no price assurance because when fuel commodity prices go up that raise the price of electricity your rate goes up. Fuel prices always go up so while the Norristown electric company is protected from price fluctuations they are passing that risk on to their customers.

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