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new york electricity companiesNew York has been deregulated for some time and with deregulation comes several new electricity companies into the state to compete with the large familiar energy brands like Consolidated Edison.

You now have a choice other than going with just Con Edison as energy providers like Accent Energy, Bluerock, Citizens Choice Energy, Energy Plus, Frontier Utilities, MPower, MX Energy, Oasis Power, Public Power and Utility of NY, Ambit Energy and many more are competing to sell electric service to you as well.

Your New York electricity bill consists of two parts. There is the supply line item on your bill and the delivery line items on your bill.

The state of New York allows you to continue to purchase electricity from your local electric utility or choose an alternate NY electricity service company also known as an ESCO.

Before choosing a competing electricity company in New York we recommend doing the following:

  • Compare prices and services offered.
  • Review terms which may cover special fees, deposits, renewals and switching procedures.
  • Consider customer service features including complaint handling, hours of operation, and toll-free numbers.
  • Research the company’s background. You may want to know how long the company has been in business, the company’s location or if it is affiliated with a utility or any other company.
  • Always review the terms and conditions before committing to an ESCO offer.

After you change electric companies make sure you are being charged correctly. We can help our commercial and industrial electric customers make sure of this after they receive their first bill.

The electricity bill should have the delivery charges separate from the supply charges. It has been known for some disreputable electric companies to hide fees in one or both of these categories to make their electric rates look better.

If you are suspicious of a charge or feel like the electricity company you chose has attempted to hide their fees you can call the company to complain and have them explain.

If the New York electricity company you have chosen is unable to justify their reasons for hiding a fee or charge you can complain to the public utility commission of New York.

The commission will look into your complaint and take it up with your electricity provider.

If you have questions about comparing electricity rates in New York using our reverse auction process or the residential compare box at the top right please call us at 1-800-971-4020

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2 comments on “New York Electricity Company
  1. david ekrothj says:

    I was called by Liberty Power Corp. re changing my electric supplier. I now have delivery by Central Hudson in NY. Liberty claims about 3 cents less cost per kw/ hour than my present supplier. Do you have any information on this company? Is it reliable or a scam?
    thank you

    • admin says:

      As far as I know Liberty Power is legit but I would ask these questions.

      1. What is the all in rate including all energy charges, transmission and distribution provider charges, fuel surcharges, and ancillary fees and charges.
      2. Is this a fixed rate or a variable price that can change after I get my first bill?
      3. Can the rate change before I even get my first bill?
      4. How long will the rate remain the same rate I signed up for?
      5. Will I get a notice when my fixed rate expires and I need to sign up again to stay on a fixed price?
      6. When my rate goes from fixed to variable does the price increase? If so by how much is typical?
      7. Are there any fuel surcharges that are used in combination with the fixed price to cause my fixed rate to act as a variable price when fuel prices change?

      Once they have provided a satisfactory answer ask them to help you compare the rate you found elsewhere with their rate.

      You can also come on here with the answers you received and I can help you decipher it all.

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